Why You Should Choose a Tour Operator for your Next Machu Picchu hike?

Congratulations on your upcoming hike to Machu Picchu! Unforgettable moments in the middle of sub-tropical jungle are waiting for you and your travel companion. But wait a second, have you made all the arrangements for your excursion? Are you sure what documentation take for your children? Where can tickets be purchased? If you have little time to do research to get the correct answers, choosing a professional tour operator is more than a good idea, is trusting your vacations to experts.

A Glimpse into Peruvian Tour Operators

Since elementary school, every citizen of this beautiful country learns the legacy of all the ancient civilizations who built our modern land with great effort. Lots of Peruvians are accustomed to go on getaways to visit historical sites and natural landscapes, as well as other regions and some of those local travelers find the meaning of service and join the tourism industry workforce.

Tour Operators have the main task of carrying trips with no worries for travelers worldwide in several destinations in Peru, including hikes to Machu Picchu. The sales team will guide you in choosing one of the several hikes available for all you mountaineers and they also will solve any inquiry on what to pack, documentation, and altitude sickness among other frequently asked questions. Once you arrive to Cusco, the city housing not only a vast history but also most of the headquarters of tour operators, our welcoming staff will lead you to your hotel and will be responsible of all transportation duties with a cheerful spirit and clean and safe vehicle.

The most intense job is done by the operations team. Tour guides will make most of the procedures for you and also will be the one who tells you the secrets of the trees, stones, ruins and people in your hike. In 3-day or longer itineraries, porters will carry your belongings ahead and also set all the tents and prepare your meals with a great balance of nutrition and flavor. Behind the action, the coordination team will be checking constantly weather conditions, the state of the journey, booking status and all the necessary tasks in order to get you safe, on time, and comfortable to your desired destination, Machu Picchu.

Advantages of Choosing a Tour Operator

Experience. All those people are happy to be the hosts of your next adventure. One of the biggest advantages is the years of experiences polishing up the travel experience just for you. Two or four days of online research will give you an outlook of how the trip is, but the travel experts in a tour operator will carefully craft a trip considering the expectations of all the members in your crew. In addition, we guarantee no errors in booking procedures that can be made by misinformed travelers by booking by themselves.

Time saving. Getting the appropriate information leads to save you time and worries. Sometimes, you will not find available flights for a good price or available rooms in the hotel you were recommended. Knowing in advance what to pack for Machu Picchu is also time and money saved in shops. Avoid looking for transportation and be granted a comfortable, safe and punctual driving service. Idle time can be the result of closed museums, distorted information, or maintenance work. Tour operators will always be informed of the conditions on all the attractions and offering visiting alternatives in case of problems with your itinerary, as it is is part of their job.

Contacts. Such alternatives are part of alliances and associates who provide exclusive services to travel companies rather than clichéd schedules. Private museums or interviews with restaurants owners are only possible through tour operators. You can hike along authentic naturalist guides, or get a special surprise for your friend’s birthday!

Security. Not all travelers going on their own have somebody reliable to be helped by when being in an emergency situation. Be transferred from the airports and bus stations with no worries of being scammed. Forget about people mugging you because our staff will be always next to you. Extreme sports activities also are ensured with years of experience and the appropriate equipment and accreditations. Do you have any hassle during your stay? We are a call or an email away of you 24/7.

How to choose a tour operator for Machu Picchu hikes

Tourism industry in Peru grows every day. Although new operators open for business all year through, experienced companies guarantee the success and joy in your journey. Thus, checking how long an operator is running is a must to ensure the quality of your hike.

But not only time, but also the values of this company are important. Is this company contributing with environment protection or the development of Andean communities? How is their treat to their workers and partners? The value of the money, time and life you are going to invest will be enhanced as you contribute to companies who believe that a business is more than a way raise economic richness.

Being more objective, formal tour operators are impelled by local authorities to have certain authorizations in order to run a travel company. Look in their websites documents like accreditations of the tax license by SUNAT (Peruvian National Superintendence of Tax Administration), operating license by the District City Hall, and Travel Agency License by SERNANP (Peruvian National Protected Areas Service). The accreditation that makes the difference is the operator license granted by DIRCETUR (Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Cusco) ensuring you are booking with a trustworthy Machu Picchu hiking operator.

Last, other travelers’ testimonies are a proof of how reliable a company is. Check out the profile of the company in websites such as TripAdvisor or in social media like Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.

View Latin America, former View Peru, is a tour operator for several kinds of experiences in Machu Picchu and all Peru. Choose between luxury treks, glamping adventures or family trips. Our hearts and minds are striving for your pleasure in the land of the Incas. Are you joining us in a new hike by legendary lands?