Glam Cusco & Inca Trail – 8 Days

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We have hand crafted the perfect adventure in Cusco that will take you’re through the blissful Sacred Valley and then start to hike the Incas original path at the Inca Trail as you explore and discover more of the Inca culture while making your way to the ancient Sanctuary of Machu Picchu
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We have a expert team of travel specialists, who have all turned their passion for travel into a vocation. Between them, they have visited nearly every corner of Peru and Bolivia.


We curate tailor-made, truly individual travel experiences for our clients. View Latin America approach leaves our travellers with unforgettable memories.


At every stage of your holiday, from inception to conclusion, a View Latin America hand will be there to guide you.


View Latin America is the Operator of all your experiences in Peru and Bolivia, This ensures a seamless holiday experience.


Upon your arrival, you will be immediately welcome by your expert guide and then start your journey towards the blissful Sacred Valley. The perfect location to accustomed yourself and acclimatize to the high altitude of Cusco. Our first stop will be at the peculiar village of Pisac where we will visit the traditional Market that remains busy specially on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. This market has been a trading point from the local since ancient time, as they use to trade their various products between the different communities of the Sacred Valley.
Nowadays, beautiful products such as blankets and clothing made of alpaca or sheep wool can be found, along stunning pieces of silver and jewelry. It is definitively the perfect opportunity to purchase some souvenirs and practice your bargain skills.

By the afternoon you will be taken to enjoy a delightful lunch prepared with organic ingredients grown in the area. After you have rested, we will continue towards Ollantaytambo, where we will visit in detail this cobblestone and Inca city. Your guide will take the lead and explain everything in regard of the complex that has the same name as the town, a fortress construction that was not destroyed by the conquer and remained still. Once we have finished with the excursion you will be taken back to your accommodation in the dazzling Sacred Valley.

By the evening, we have made arrangements for your dinner at an exclusive restaurant. When you finished you will return to your hotel as the rest of the evening is yours to rest and enjoy it at your leisure.


After you have enjoyed a delicious breakfast, we will start with our enticing program as we start our way towards the Ranch!

Upon our arrival, you will be able to meet your companion of the day… your horse. Your expert guide will provide a short briefing on safety and basic horseback riding instructions before we head towards our first stop the Salt mines of Maras. Once there, we will be introduced into the technique of collecting the salt by hand and appreciate the various products they’ve created based on salt. Then, we will move to the village of Maras to check on one of the very first churched built in Peru the San Francisco de Asis church and we continue on the route we will come in front of the stunning views of the snowcapped peak that we will take as an advantage and set our picnic lunch witnessing the landscapes before departing towards Moray.
This incredible site used to be an agricultural laboratory during the Inca empire, of course your knowledgeable guide will give further explanation on the matter. Once we have accomplished our visit, we will return to then ranch and then you will be transfer back to your luxury hotel to enjoy the rest of the day at your leisure.


• Trek starting time: 09:30 am
• Arrival to campsite: 16:30 pm
• Minimum altitude: Km 82 – 2675 masl/ 8776.3 ft.
• Maximum altitude: Wayllabamba campsite – 2970 masl/9744.1 ft.
• Distance covered: 11 kms/6.8 mls (6 hours walking approx.)
• Difficulty: Moderate.
• Meals included: Snacks, lunch, tea time and dinner.

An early arise awaits today, as you will be greeted into the enticing 4-day trek, as we pick you up from your hotel in Cusco. We recommend you to ask for a box breakfast (so you can enjoy it on the way).
We will escort you until we reach Km 82, where the trek start point is located. Although we would be stopping in Ollantaytambo town (2792 mts/ 9160.1 ft) to purchase some last minute supplies and perhaps use the restroom facilities. Then, we will restart our journey for about 40 min on in order to reach Piscacucho (2675 mts/ 8776.3 ft) or well known as Km 82. Once there we will reunite with the rest of the team and porters who will be arrange all the necessary equipment for us to enjoy of a once in a lifetime experience.

Let’s start the adventure and follow the same steps that once the Incas did. We will walk by amazing archeological ruins and sites, appreciating the Andean flora and fauna. After 4 hours of hiking, we will reach Tarayoc (2675 mts/8776.3 ft) where we will be welcome with lunch accompanied by an amazing sight of the beautiful surroundings. Once you finished with lunch, we will keep our walk for 2 more hours towards Wayllabamba (2970 mts/ 9744.1 ft). And you will be amazed by your luxury campsite all set up. Before dinner time, you will indulge in a soothing massage session given by our professional therapist, you will feel relax and renew while enjoying the smell of organic essential oils. After this magical session, it is finally time to enjoy of a delightful dinner, to then visit your comfortable bedroom tent and enjoy of a good night of sleep.

DAY 04

TTo commence the day with energy, enjoy a delicious breakfast before we keep on our journey of 1.5-hour hike, as we approach the Ravine of Ayapata (3328 mts/ 10918.7 ft), where we while encounter by an ethereal forest. After capturing this precious moment and views with your camera, the journey keeps going for about 3 hours more, of course we will make some pauses along the way. As we approach Llulluchapampa (3760 mts/ 12335.9 ft) our delicious lunch will be awaiting us, with the gorgeous site of the Warmiwañusca Pass, well known as the Death Woman’s Pass due to its shape.

After you have finished lunch, we will then move to continue with the next part of our walk while reaching Warmiwañusca Pass (4215 mts/ 13828.7 ft), we will be walking for about 2.5 hours surely this portion will be very demanding but also rewarding once we have reach the peak, once there to celebrate your guide will take as many amazing photos as you wish. After spending a good amount of time in Warmiwañusca, you will begin your walk down towards Pacaymayo Ravine (3500 mts/ 11482.9 ft) where you will arrive at your campsite at Pacaymayo (3500 mts/ 11482.9 ft). You will already be accustomed to tradition, so enjoy your hot shower as well as your massage before you savor your delightful dinner and settle it for the evening in your bedroom tent.
• Wake-up time: 05:30 am
• Trek starting time: 07:00 am
• Arrival to campsite: 17:00 pm
• Minimum altitude: Ayapata site – 3328 masl/ 10918.7 ft.
• Maximum altitude: Warmiwañusca Pass – 4215 masl/13828.7 ft.
• Distance covered: 9 kms/5.6 mls (9 hours walking approx.)
• Difficulty: Challenging.
• Meals included: Breakfast, snacks, lunch, tea time and dinner.


• Wake-up time: 05:00 am
• Trek starting time: 08:00 am
• Arrival to campsite: 16:30 pm
• Minimum altitude: Chaquicocha site – 3535 masl/ 11597.8 ft.
• Maximum altitude: Runkurakay Pass – 3955 masl/12975.7 ft.
• Distance covered: 9 kms/5.6 mls (5.5 hours walking approx.)
• Difficulty: Moderate.
• Meals included: Breakfast, snacks, lunch, tea time and dinner

An early arise await you as you awake refresh, take a hot shower to relax your muscle before it is time to enjoy a delicious breakfast.
Afterwards, we will be ready to being our journey towards the ruins of Runkurakay where your expert guide will give you further explanation about the complex. We will continue to walk for an hour more in order to encounter our Second Pass of the route Runkurakay (3955 mts/ 12975.7 ft), the incredible track of the Inca Trail can be seen from there, enjoy the sight!

We will start to descend as it come to view a seaweed covered lake, after passing that and keep on the journey we will head towards the ancient Inca town of Sayacmarca (3585 mts/ 11761.8 ft). Once again your knowledgeable guide will be there to answered to any question you may have, as we continue the route down to Chaquicocha (3535 mts/ 11597.8 ft). Upon your arrival you will be greeted by a delicious lunch, after some time to rest we will hike for about 2.5 hours until we take the pathway that leads to Phuyupatamarca Pass (2640 mts/ 11942.3 ft). By passing an Inca tunnel we will head toward our campsite of the night at Phuyupatamarca (3670 mts/ 12040.7 ft). Once there, you will once again be able to soak your muscle in a hot shower followed by your soothing massages, and then you will be ready to be delighted by your dinner. Tonight will be the last night you have to spend with the rest of the staff, so we highly recommend you to make a toast in honor to this wonderful experience they have helped to provide. Cheers!


As we reach but most important portion of the hike, we can only hope for you to have fully enjoyed it. To accomplished todays adventure we must rise at 4:30 am, to have enough time to warm up with a nourishing breakfast. We will walk for about 3 hours, until we reach the beautiful Wiñaywayna (2650 mts/ 8694.2 ft) which means forever young translated from Quechua, it was given this name due the stunning orchids that decorated naturally the site. We will then must continue towards the Sun Gate or Inti Punku (2750 mts/ 9022.3 ft).

Be marvel by the views, as you watch over Machu Picchu citadel from above, then we must walk down to reach Machu Picchu (2430 mts/ 7972.4 ft) you will be in awe as soon as you enter into the majestic citadel. Your expert guide will take you to the most important details and enclosures in a 2-hour visit, you will learn more about the Inca lifestyle, its culture, history, theories and secrets, as well as all the questions you may have answered. Afterwards, you will have enough time to get lost on the citadel and captures these precious moments with many photos.

Once the visit has been accomplished you will have a delightful lunch at the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge Hotel which is included in our program. When you feel ready, you may want to take the bus down to Aguas Calientes for you to board the comfortable wagon that will take you to Poroy train station.
Upon your arrival, as you disembark you will be met by your View Latin America representative, who will take you and drive you approximately 40 minutes to your hotel in Cusco.

• Wake-up time: 04:00 am
• Trek starting time: 05:30 am
• Arrival to Machu Picchu citadel: 11:30 am
• Arrival to Cusco: 21:56 pm
• Minimum altitude: Machu Picchu citadel – 2430 masl/ 7972.4 ft.
• Maximum altitude: Intipunku site – 2750 masl/9022.3 ft.
• Distance covered: 8 kms/4.9 mls (5.5 hours walking approx.)
• Difficulty: Moderate.
• Meals included: Breakfast and snacks


Today we will have the opportunity to stroll the cobblestones streets of Cusco, after having the morning free at your leisure. By the early afternoon you will be pick and escorted firstly to the Main Square where your expert guide will offer your details about the history and architecture behind the Cathedral and important buildings that round the plaza.

After that, we will move to the next square call Regocijo follow by the San Francisco Convent, while your knowledge about the Peruvian conquest and about the Incas increase. Our last but not least stop will be at the cheerful San Pedro Market.
Here you will walk by its different stall that offer various products, after the explanation given by your guide you will have some time your leisure which will be the perfect opportunity to purchase some souvenirs and keep practicing your bargain skills.

By the evening, we have a special program to enjoy of the nightlife in Cusco, as we will visit 3 well known establishments in the city. Over the course of the evening you will learn about the history and various grape strains involved on the Pisco making as we begin at Pachapapa where you will taste your first cocktail based on Pisco, then we will move toward an Asian mixed inspired restaurant called Kion where you will receive an explanation on the grape strains that are commonly used on the elaboration of Pisco and the areas where this grow. Lastly, we will head to Calle del Medio to enjoy of one last drink based on Pisco of course accompanied by some snacks. As we want to enjoy your last evening in Cusco, we have made a special reservation for your dinner to enjoy this sparkling night with a sparkling view.


After an exquisite breakfast at your hotel, as all good thing in life this adventure has finally come to an end. At the most appropriate time your View Latin America representative will take you to the airport in order for you to board your flight back home.






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