The Best of Glamping in Peru with the Best Weather

You are about to start a new chapter in your story, this time with an adventure in the wilderness. No matter if you want to conquer an ancient fortress unique in the world, or spend a romantic vacation in jungle weather, Peru always welcomes visitors with the best destinations for glamping!

Why Glamping in Peru?

Glamping is a travel lifestyle that mixes the beauty of local culture and the beauty of nature without any sacrifice of comfort. No queues for services, a special room just for you, experiences chosen by travel agents who understand your desires and transform them into a glamorous journey. Extend your luxury view of life not only to your job or your daily life, live luxury in Peru, your new travel destination.

Peru is a country in the exotic continent of South America, full of tales, natural scenery, and small villages with cheerful and hardworking people as well. Traveling by the coast, the mountains or the jungle, your one-week abroad stay can be more satisfying without insect bites, extreme temperatures or trite experiences. Glamping in Peru is now an option too, and you are about to live it.

Follow the Path of the Ancient Incas

The Inca Trail of Machu Picchu is one of the most emblematic hiking adventures in the Andes. Every step during this 4-day hike will take you and your travel group by routes where ancient messengers ran and delivered information, a human courier service. Your eyes and all your senses will be amazed by different landscapes along your way, lively green fields, high and solemn mountains, solitary ponds, innocent flowers in a pleasant weather at the entrance of Machu Picchu, and more.

In addition to the unique wild around you, human experience will also be one of the touching parts of your journey. Light-hearted guides will share their knowledge of the small birds crossing over your heads during the day, or the constellations decorating your first starry night.

Start every day with a hot shower and a radiant face after a refreshing sleep in a reinvigorating mattress. Protect yourself of the sun in a cozy tent at lunch time. Have an anniversary toast, a birthday surprise party, or an intimate dinner over 11500 feet. Of course, glamour is available in the Inca Trail.

Colorful and Vivid Glamour             

As you wake up and hear the sounds of birds announcing the sunrise, you realize your first day glamping in Amazonian jungle was exactly what you needed for your days off. Replace computers, appointments, after-office drinks and Netflix series with the paradisiac present Peru has for you. These hot weather lands are perfect to explore other ways of life as you watch closely the hummingbirds within flowers or the how banana trees thrive. What about spending an afternoon learning about tribes and their culture? Finally, your day ends with exotic drinks made of fruits you have never heard of and folk tales of crocodiles, dolphins, rivers and humans.

Luxury lovers’ option definitively is a cruise. Elegant rooms decorated with details of a top-notch hotel and the refreshing view of the calming waters of the river by their ceiling to floor windows are just astonishing. Relax in comfortable sofas reading love stories of Amazonian lives. Clean, spacious, elegant rooms along with attentive service, everything is ready to accomplish your desires as you travel by the biggest river in South America.

Snow Paths in Luxury Camping

Imagine the both of you, holding your hands, looking to the majestic Salkantay Snow Mountain. The white top reflecting the light of the sun, and the bottom being the big Andean open arms giving you a thankful welcome. Glamping in Salkantay is having a great rest in tents with warm temperature at cold mountain nights, enjoying healthy food to keep up with your lifestyle and the hike as well, or getting by exclusive paths with no crowds of visitors. It is a treat you do deserve.

During the classic 5-day route, your travel journal will be filled with descriptions of solemn mountains, small villages with colorful clothes, the picture of enormous snow mountains mirrored in a turquoise lagoon, a stunning change of flora, the warm surrounding of the fruit plantations and the wonder of Machu Picchu at your feet.

You will find luxury in the cozy tents carefully set for your sleep in all weather conditions, also in the selected route depending to your health condition or your interests. Glamour is also waiting for you in the clean water that restores your body during the breaks and also in the piece of heaven you will share only with those you chose to travel with.

View Latin America Offers you Glamping            

Luxury is not only a distinctive label that guarantees professional service, exclusive destinations and unforgettable experiences, but also describes the knowledge and experience of the traveler. View Latin America is next to you to ensure your days in Peru will be a real comforting holidays the way you love the most.

 Is Glamping a new experience for you? Congratulations on satisfying your desires and making your dreams come true in a different way! You are about to appreciate beauty and comfort in its best. We strive for turning even a simple action in your stay into a delicate and meaningful one.

Choosing luxury is not a synonym of being ostentatious. Glamping will help you in your way to appreciate how complex are yourself and how you can feel comfortable the most. Peru and its fantastic weather waits for you to show you the beauty of lifetime and Mother Nature. What are you waiting to come and enjoy yourself?