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The Best Indoor Activities For A Rainy Cusco Day

Who doesn’t know that feeling? You are looking out of the window, blue skies, sun, what a shiny day! Cheerful spirit, quickly packing your stuff because you have so many plans for today. One step out of the door and hell breaks loose. Especially between November and April sudden rainfalls can shift your idea of a perfect day. But don’t you worry, we have some great advice for you on how you still have an amazing day.

Make your own chocolate

Have a bite of this sweet delicious cocoa mass coming right out of the Peruvian jungle and you will instantly forget the rainfalls around you.

Peru is not for nothing world known for their chocolate. The Choco Museo in Cusco offers various workshops where you drink hot chocolate like Andes people did a thousand year ago, learn about how this sweet delight is made and go home with a self made chocolate bar. Undergo the whole process from bean to bar. Roast your own beans, grind them and make your own sweet paste. And last but definitely not least: Choose your own ingredients to make your dream chocolate.

If you are not a chocolate addict like we are, there are a variety of different cooking options throughout Cusco. Make your own Lomo Saltado or learn how to mix the perfect Pisco Sour.

Explore San Pedro Market

This indoor market hall, close to the Plaza de Armas, will struck you with Peruvian authenticity.

Men and Women try to get your attention screaming in Spanish or Quechuan. Pleasant smells and thousands of colours surround you, coming from fresh fruits, delicious juices and wool products. Get a cosy Alpaca Poncho, enjoy some local foods or just let your senses be overwhelmed with things you have never seen before. The aisle with donkey heads, dragon blood and pickled snakes can’t be far.

Learn more about the Inca

Refresh your history knowledge about the biggest South American empire in the pre-columbian time. The Museo Inka, close to the main square, takes you through hundreds of years of Andean history. Discover old gold and metal works, ceramics and even well-preserved mummies and learn about the rise and fall of the defining indigenous nation.

In one of the most important temples of the Incas, Coricancha, you will learn more about their palaces and get an idea about their construction. A six meter high stone wall reminds you of the massive temple of the sun, where the church of Santa Domingo stands today. Or visit the Museo De Arte Precolombiano for a glimpse of Inca art.

Check out one of the cozy Cafes

In the centre of Cusco are heaps of trendy and likewise cosy cafès for a rainy day. Have a coffee and some Peruvian pastries, bring something to read or have a chat. Sit on a sofa looking out the window watching people with umbrellas on the rainy Plaza de Armas, or explore the hip coffee bars in the narrow streets around the main square. Make sure to try coca tea, a local delicacy. Illegal in most other countries, the tea has been drunk for centuries for its believed medical powers. It is also supposed to relieve you off altitude sickness symptoms.

Solve some riddles

Join a pub quiz at one of the many bars in the city. Proof your knowledge about history, geography, culture, music and gossip and beat other teams to win a bar tap or the glory. There are heaps of options in Cusco to participate in a trivia night. For example Wednesdays in the Peru Bar, Thursday in the Cross Key Pub or Jardin Cusqueño, some hostels like Pariwana offer it throughout the week. Other options you will find online. Check before you go, since dates might change or be affected by holidays.

Go to the Mall

Take a break from your touristy program and spend the day in the Cusco Mall. The Real Plaza Cusco is only a few stops east-wards from the city centre and you will encounter heaps of shops and all sorts of food options. There is a gaming hall and perfect for a rainy day: a cinema. Practice your spanish skills and buy a big bag of popcorn to watch the latest films.

Relax your body

There probably isn’t a better way to enjoy a sensual massage or a Turkish sauna when the outside world is falling apart. Participate in a yoga session to relax your mind and muscles, get a professional massage by a therapist, or watch the rain fall through the window while sitting in a hot tub. Throughout the city you will find heaps of relaxing options and wellness centers to find the right program for you. And in no time you will forget the stormy weather.

Indoor Activities in CuscoIndoor Activities in Cusco

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