Glamping Destinations for Couples in Peru

No matter if this is the first time you indulge yourselves in the world of luxury or if you will add Peru into your glamorous camping destinations bucket, glamping in Peru is an unforgettable experience for couples to be enjoyed in locations ranging fertile valleys to solemn mountain ranges.

Full Comfort for Couples

Luxury is a way of life in which comfort is not yielded at all. Finicky camping with mosquitoes inside the tent, heavy bags in your back, forgetting the can opener for your meal… No, glamping means starting your day in a comfortable mattress and opening your tent to be welcomed by a wild realm of beaches, high mountains or tropical forests.

Luxurious travel style focuses on finding and enjoying a really special time in couple. Your loved one and you will be together in lovable huts or tents, tasting gourmet meals or watching a starry night after a hiking day. Those moments could not be possible with the magic of glamping.

Where in Peru can you create such romantic occasions? Old-fashioned camping has evolved. Turn your vacations into a dazzling and lush experience with your partner in the following itineraries.

The Elegant Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Inca legacy remains in the walls of the Sacsayhuaman Temple in Cusco, in the sacred citadel of Machu Picchu and the ancient roads of the Inca Trail. The feet of quick Incan messengers run there and back going across crystalline water ponds, humid forests, small villages and glacier-clad mountains. This time, the both of you will go across this 42-kilometer hike spanning 4 days of glamping adventures, nature, laughs, hugs and kisses.

This trail starts on Piscacucho, a village located two and a half hours away in our comfortable van from Cuzco city, after your breakfast in your hotel. The first kilometers of the path are truly an introduction to all the adventure, a terrain with small elevations starting at 2729 meters, quite similar to your wished destination, Machu Picchu. Your senses will perceive the variations in the landscapes, with new species of plants, different colors in the mountains and a cooler wind. Who of you is going to spot differences the most?

…Very Romantic

After leaving the warm climate of the Andean valleys, the devoted couple will be still heading west and up. Steep stone steps will challenge you, and fortunately, all your belongings and camp gear will be carried by professional porters at an astonishing speed. Once you get to the Dead Woman’s Pass, catch your breath, and look back into what you both have walked together. Mountaineers now, partners forever.

At the end of each day, you can have a warm shower and relaxing massages to later groom yourself in our luxury campsite and enjoy our healthy and delicious lunch. A glass of wine to celebrate your daredevil success and delicate ornamentation to captivate your senses.

In the last part of your trek, the lovers’ feet will reencounter verdant sceneries as they step in the rainy sub-tropical jungle. Fine mattresses with light and warm blankets will restore your body to feel yourself relieved and get to Machu Picchu with all the glamour you both have been enjoying.

Feel Like Home in the Path of the Snow Mountain

Salkantay is one of the sacred deities in Andean beliefs. Rituals of appreciation always feature its name when invoking the presence of the most powerful energies in order to start their mystical gatherings. In your glamping days by the path of Salkantay, mystical feelings will arise in both of you once the glittering white of the top of the snow-capped mountain will show up in your hike.

The Luxury Salkantay Trek is a treat to challenge your mind and body, to appreciate and learn about Peruvian landscapes and share that awe you needed in an escapade of the workaday world. This 5-day excursion is less thronged than the Inca Trail, and it lays in a less precipitous terrain. Soraypampa, at 3900 meters above sea level is the starting village, reached after a three and a half van journey from your hotel in Cuzco. Standing higher than the city, your first steps will take you through lands where a host of vegetation species salutes the Andean sun and the travelers, whishing them good luck. An optional destination in the route is the Humantay Lagoon, famous in social media for featuring calm and cold water portraying the reflections of the surrounding snow mountains. It is a cool place to take that ring out!

Feel at home…

Lunch in your special warmed tent will feature organic ingredients in the hands of high-class glamping chefs. If you feel like going further, take your partners’ hand and reach together the second turquoise lagoon, Salkantaycocha. Vibrant green hues will gradually fill your sight as you descend to the valleys again. Bromeliads and orchids will welcome you close to the next campsites, and a timely massage, as every day, will wait in a special tent.

The rest of your couple getaway includes visits to fruit plantations, hikes in the ranges close to the citadel of Machu Picchu, and of course, the long awaited guided tour by the marvel of the Inca architecture.

More Features of your Special Glamping  

Tents are always heated in advance to avoid any inconvenience because of climate extremes. Yoga sessions are also included to take a deep breath and be in harmony with yourself before the treks. Our knowledgeable guides are prepared for emergency situations as well as special surprises for your favorite travel mate.

Finally, after the excitant walk by Machu Picchu, both hikes end in a pleasant stay in the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge, the most sophisticated accommodation in all the Sacred Valley, located just next to the ruins. Enjoy of a lush garden of orchids, the view of the mountains in your window, the linen blankets for your rest and a chic ambiance.

Enjoying luxury in a glamping getaway in couple is a treat you both deserve. Machu Picchu includes romantic sceneries, lovable flora and fauna, adventures for you both and a safe trip abroad. We want to join the celebration of your love, contact us to start this journey together!